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Established in 2012, INSTAQUEST CONSULTING PVT. LTD. is a Noida based IPR investigation firm with more than 3000 successfully completed cases under its belt.

Ours is an exclusive and expert team of Research Analysts and Field Investigators who drive meticulous operations Spanning trademark protection, copyright protection, patent infringement investigation, software asset management, technical assistance for audits, extensive market survey and research.

Our Services

Trademark Infringement Investigation

Trademark provides protection to the owner of the mark by assigning him the exclusive rights

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Copyright grants the creator of an original work exclusive right for its use and distribution

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Market Research

Market Research helps in assessment of the market for the following parameters

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Lead Generation

Get notified for any leads on violation of trademark/trade-dress/other forms of IP of a concerned entity

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Patent infringement

It is the commission of a prohibited act with respect to a patented invention without permission from the patent holder.

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Geographical Indication (GI)

Our dynamic surveillance team is always on the lookout for any commercial infringements of registered GI's

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To Gather information on whereabouts, Supply Network etc.

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Industrial Designs (ID)

Industrial Design is a specific pattern or design of a product, which is to be manufactured in large scale. Addition of

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Plant Variety

In order to establish an effective system for protection of plant varieties, the rights of

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Counterfeits are to brands what plastic is to the environment. They

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The future (most of the present too) of consumer transactions is through E-commerce. So

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Trade Fair

Trade fairs are perfect places for budding enterprises to showcase their products, ideas and services. However,

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Plant Variety

IQ Initiatives

Portal for anti-counterfeiting that helps you search Infringements in the Marketplace Infringements are the most crippling blows to intellectual implementation and capital investment, and a demerit to the IP machinery.

Lack of information renders brands and their legal counsels helpless against the rampant and steady evil of infringements/counterfeits. However for most, the search for trespassers remains a shot in the dark. Currently, it is also a time-consuming process, involving a circuitous way through legal bodies, and rudimentary investigative concerns. Often the information gathered is incomplete and uncertain on quality and veracity.

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