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India is an ever evolving market and one of the fastest growing spaces is the fitness industry. Bollywood has a huge influence on the Indian audience and lately actors have been paying a lot of attention to physical fitness which automatically resonates with the audiences. This, in parallel, gives rise to the use of nutrition supplements and opens up a menacing market opportunity for counterfeiters.

One of the most famous international nutrition supplement brands was not spared, either. Hence, InstaQuest was entrusted with the task of identifying the entities involved in manufacturing and distribution of counterfeits, by the brand.

After a lot of market research and tracing back, we identified an entity in Faridabad, India, that was selling counterfeit supplements with minor anomalies in the packaging, which a commoner wouldn’t identify. Samples were collected and tested and were found to be counterfeit. Subsequently, an enforcement was conducted through the local police along with the Food department in tow and counterfeit nutrition supplements were confiscated.

Interestingly, on the same day another enforcement was being conducted by a different nutrition supplement brand in Meerut and the agency conducting the raid contacted us to inform that they have found infringing material for our Client too. Our team immediately moved to action and reached Meerut to ensure that our Client’s counterfeits too are confiscated and an FIR is registered on our behalf too.

Double Whammy!