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Sometimes problems are like airplanes. They look small from far but get way bigger and noisier as they come closer.

Similarly, there was an incident when team InstaQuest was approached by a Pharma company where they had assumed that they had identified the only entity that is engaged in manufacturing / importing/exporting one of their patented API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient). The objective of the investigation was to get all the relevant shreds of evidence pertaining to the infringer.

But was that the only case? The client was hunting only for one infringer as they were unaware of the fact that multiple players in the market are infringing their exclusive rights concerning the said API. It was team IQ that busted the myth and found around 40 entities involved not only in manufacturing but also in the import/export of the patented API without any license or authority.

InstaQuest not only provided the Client with the governmental documentary evidence concerning the API but also provided the manufacturing capabilities in the exact amount (in Kgs) of each entity along with the price/cost offered by some of the entities.