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In the year 2021, Instaquest was approached by a world-renowned medical institution who was interested in investigating a domain name that was very similar to their own.

The investigation revealed that the domain had been registered by an individual whose primary objective was to scam people. The website was designed in such a way that it featured the client’s logo as well as the logos of other healthcare companies.

The website was designed to entice people to donate their kidneys in exchange for a large sum of money. The individual who becomes a victim of the scam would be asked to register themselves by paying an amount of money to the target. Once the money has been transferred, the target will cease responding to the victim.

InstaQuest was able to identify an individual present in Tamil Nadu who was masterminding this scam. In addition, our team was able to identify his name, address, and bank account details, which were then used as evidence at trial.

A scamster was scammed by us.