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Software Piracy is perhaps the most damage inflicting form of Infringement of its time. The amount of time and money invested in developing code can be lost within seconds and the value of the software diluted to dust.

One of the expensive software used for VFX and Animation has been the target for Software piracy in the postproduction Industry. One such instance was brought to the attention of InstaQuest by the Software Company where there was an entity operating from a residential apartment in Hyderabad, India. Our job was to identify the location, enter the premises and visually verify the usage of the software.

Team InstaQuest laid out a plan and contacted the entity under the pretext of a production house looking for post-production services at a cheaper cost. We managed to gain trust and entry and identified around 30 systems using the software. The Software publisher confirmed that they are all pirated copies as the target entity does not have a single license purchased from them.

Eventually, based on the Investigation by InstaQuest, an enforcement was conducted on the entity and the systems using pirated software were confiscated.

We pulled out our post-production with élan!