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Even the innovator who has the exclusive right of their patent, cannot stop or claim damages if they do not have evidence to prove the infringement.

In 2020, a big pharma company contacted InstaQuest for a sensitive Patent matter, where an equally renowned entity was suspected to be manufacturing one of the client’s patented APIs.

This was one of the longest projects team IQ worked on. The objective was to keep constant surveillance on the entity and to gather documentary evidence to support the fact that the target is engaged in manufacturing the patented API.

This project was divided into two phases with different objectives.

The primary challenge was to ascertain if the target has sought approvals from the relevant bodies for manufacturing and marketing of the API in question and if yes, the status of the grant of permission is. This called for meticulous and continuous surveillance on the activities of the entity.

The secondary task was to ascertain the launch date of the product and procure the product right at its launch.

InstaQuest not only found the entity’s involvement in manufacturing and marketing of the patented API but also found the finished product containing that API in the market with evidence.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence!