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Technological Advancement in the field of brand protection

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With the increase in the brand culture related to every product in the market, brand owners are using advanced technology as a medium for promoting their brands, such as promotion through social media engines or advertising on search engines, etc. Millions of people use the internet as a source of communication on a daily basis, so this medium is a very good platform for promotion.

But as advanced technology is replacing television and print media, the world of social media has very disastrous cons too. It is becoming difficult for the brand owners to maintain their original identity related to their brand because of the increase in copy producers and counterfeiting.


The release of the three-dimensional technology created a new sort of advancement in the field of technology, and people appreciated this technology as it was used a lot, but it created a lot of problem to the luxury business holders as it is really easy to produce the exact copy of any product using three-dimensional technology resulting in counterfeiting.

Counterfeiters target the most luxury brands and produce all types of goods virtually by using a three-dimensional printer quickly and cheaply, which can easily deceive the customers.

The use of digital authentication

Social media engines are used highly by the various brands all around the world to promote their brands and products on an extensive scale because this era is of digital media and marketing. More than 80% of the population has access to smartphones and e-shopping. So, this platform is an excellent way to reach customers to promote the brands.

But, as this is the easiest way to access the customers, it is also a threat for the promoters because of the availability of scammers to produce the copied products, which are sold at cheap prices affecting the business.

Due to such issues, digital authentication is launched, which allows the brand owner to use secure identification technology to protect their brands from theft. Digital authentication for each product is given from production to purchase, and it is not possible for the local and cheap brands that produce copies of luxury brands to have access to such digital authentication.


In the digital authentication process, HID Trusted tag service enables a sort of trusted internet of things (IoT) between brands and buyers. NFC tags are embedded in each product. It is used during the manufacturing and distribution process and is only readable using NFC-enabled smartphones or electronic gadgets.

The best thing about this technology is that it cannot be easily copied or cloned due to the advanced cryptographic capability as it is built up by HID trusted tags. Due to this latest advancement and innovation in technology through the introduction of HID trusted tag services, it is now possible for a brand to add trust to consumer engagements and build brand protection.

Moreover, HID’s cloud authentication service, which is the extended security feature in this technology provides the brand owners to build an authentic and trustworthy brand experience from the time of production, leading to the distribution and packaging process ending to the consumer sale.

Although the number of hackers and scammers has increased in number along with the advancement of technology, still they cannot beat the technology with their culprit ideas. Technology advancement is always one hand faster than such scammers, and adopting such tag services will surely help a brand owner to build trustworthy relations related to brand protection.

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